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Meet the Author


Gives love without expecting it in return

Embodies poise, grace, and dignity

Possesses an original style that is minimalistic, yet, vibrant 

Believes in finding the good in everyone

 Discovered a strong interest in Black history, astrology and mythology

Is able to express fears, uncertainties, and contradictions

Walks the fine line between rebellion and convention because it's necessary 

Has unfinished business

Concept & Purpose



As I progress in my personal life, career life, social life, etc., my goal is to keep it simple. A cluttered life is an unorganized, unhealthy, and difficult mess to maneuver. The word minimalism has been thrown around quite frequently without any meaning behind it. Minimalism isn't just associated with fashion or the aesthetics of your apartment, it's a lifestyle. One in which I am transitioning into. With my new and improved layout, my goal is to make it as simple for you to navigate your way through my blog just as it should be to navigate through life. 


I love to talk and receive different perspectives on all topics. I believe that listening to learn and not to necessarily understand goes unmatched. Everything in this world that has manifested sparked from a conversation. That's why they'll always play a vital role. While you're backpacking through my blog, take some of the topics I discuss back home to your dinner table or your friend groups. Hopefully, these topics bring you closer in love & light.  


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